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BUXTON Equine Insurance
stands ready to provide you with your Personalized package of coverages tailored to meet your specific and unique requirements.  Coverages that will assist in individual liability and equine coverage:

INDIVIDUAL HORSE OWNER'S LIABILITY is protection that the standard homeowner policy excludes.  This coverage is designed for individuals who own horses and do not derive their primary income from the equine industry.  Coverages provide the insured with the protection necessary to cover their horse owner's unique legal liabilities that result from owning horses both on or off their property.
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RACE HORSE LIABILITY is for the injury or damage caused by the race horse.  Coverage is for the partnerships, corporations, and syndicates which own racing stock (including; stallions at stud, broodmares, and, yearlings) as long as they are not directly involved in the breeding, training, or racing.
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EQUINE  MORTALITY & THEFT is a form of Term Life Insurance for your equine, with you as the named beneficiary.  The policy is issued providing the equine is in sound health upon the inception.  It is assumed you, the owner, will provide the equine with the proper care and attention the equine requires.  Coverage up to $25,000 without a veterinarian check.

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Endorsements available to a Mortality policy are:

         MAJOR MEDICAL assists in controlling veterinary expenses for unforeseen events by reimbursing fees for surgery, accident and illness.  Major Medical has a $250 per claim deductible, a $7,500 per year limit.

         SURGICAL pays reasonable and customary charges for surgical treatment required by an accident, injury or illness.  It will pay up to 35% of the surgical fee for hospitalization, x-rays, medication, and lab tests necessary.  Surgical has a $50 per claim deductible, and a $5,000 per year limit.

         LOSS OF USE provides up to 75% of the equines insured value if they become permanently incapable of fulfilling the functions for which insured and as stated in the policy.

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Coverages that assist professionals with liability and farms is properly covered under:

HORSE OWNER'S GENERAL LIABILITY is the legal liability protection for the equine professional.  It is protection that many of the standard farm policies typically exclude and/or severely restrict.  Regardless of the equine operations size this protection will ensure the legal liability protection to the policy's stated limits.
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EQUINE CARE, CUSTODY AND CONTROL is essential for the individual who boards, trains, or is responsible for others' horses while showing or racing them.  Coverage includes death, theft, or injury of a horse in your care.  It pays to the limits of the policy all sums the insured is legally obligated to pay for damages to horses in their care.
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FARM POLICIES which are tailored to meet the commercial equine farm operations specific and unique equine needs.  Coverages include:

         Property - the dwellings you live in, your personal property, the farm barns and outbuildings, the farm equipment, and the farm personal property.

         Liability - for the farms breeding, boarding, training, showing, riding instruction, and the farm owner's personal equine.
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EXCESS OR FOLLOWING LIABILITY assists in protection against catastrophic loses.  This coverage continues to pay for damages you are legally required to pay above the insured underlying coverages, up to the limits of the policy purchased.  This policy does NOT replace any other liability coverage.
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RIDING CLUBS and their functions create their own unique liability exposures, which need specially designed coverages this policy has the flexibility to be tailored for your organization.   Covers exposures such as premise liability for meetings and fund-raisers, trail rides, boarding, clinics and public events (i.e., shows and parades).  Can be written on short-term basis for one-time events or annually.  Coverage is designed to insure the club and it's members for sums legally obligated to pay for bodily injury and physical damage resulting from club activities.
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   NOTE: Certain exclusions and limitations apply to equine policies and the above referenced policies and their endorsements so please refer to   an individual policy for more information.  These statements are not the policy itself and are only designed to briefly describe a product.  It is important to discuss your various coverage requirements and options with your agent before buying any insurance plan.

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