Equine General Liability

Equine liability insurance is tailored to meet your specific and unique requirements. Whether you have horses at home, own a full-service equestrian facility, or are a traveling equine professional this will ensure the legal liability protection you need.

Professional Services Liability

Enhances the equine general liability with additional coverage for equine loss resulting from wrongful acts in providing or failure to provide Professional Services.  Protection from any actual or alleged error, misstatement, misleading statement, act or omission in providing profession services. Available as “Other than Equine Sales” and “Equine Sales”.

Other Than Equine Sales Coverage:

Equine Sales Coverage:

Horse Owner’s Liability

Owning your own horse opens you up to unique exposure for property and/or personal damage to others.  This coverage is designed for individuals who own horses that are personally used for showing and/or pleasure that board at a commercial facility.

Associations & Riding Clubs

Associations & Riding Clubs have varied functions that pose unique liability exposures, which need specially designed coverage. Policies are custom tailored to cover such exposures as premises liability on owned or leased property for meetings, fund-raisers, trail rides, boarding, clinics and public events (i.e. shows and parades). 

Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic programs that are certified Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Int) and EGALA are eligible for this coverage.


Umbrella/Excess coverage’s offer extra coverage above your underlying policy limits to maximize the protection of your assets within the budget you determine. This policy does not replace other coverage but “stacks” on top for that extra coverage.

Equine Care, Custody and Control

Equine Care, Custody and Control is essential for the individual who boards, trains, or is responsible for non-owned horses. Coverage includes death, theft or injury of horses in your care. It pays to the limits of the choosen coverage amounts that the insured is legally obligated to pay.

Race Horse Owners

Race Horse Owners ​have a unique liability exposure for injury or damages resulting from the ownership of these horses.  Owning race horses individually, in partnerships, or corporations they become a business exposure that is normally excluded under any personal homeowner’s insurance.  Race Horse Owners Insurance Policy (RHO) are designed for racing stock owners that are not directly involved in breeding, training or racing, but instead work with independent contractors.