Worker's Comp

Worker's Compensation

Standard equine liability policies exclude coverage for employees that get hurt while on the job.  When employees are injured, ill, or die while engaging in activities on the job they are entitled to collect worker’s compensation.  Worker’s compensation allows employees to receive benefits without regard to who caused the accident.  Benefits vary depending on the injury and/or the severity of the injury.  Examples of benefits are medical expenses, doctor bills, hospital stays and rehabilitation cost to name a few. 

Do you have employee’s or independent contractors?  For a few examples, including but not limited to, independent contractors typically have multiple clients, set their own schedules, provide their own tools, and submit invoices for payment.  In comparison, employees are usually instructed on what hours they will work, are provided with tools to preform the job requested, given direction and possibly even training to name a few examples.  Make sure to review the IRS’s definition of employee vs independent contractor to decide if you have employee’s or independent contractors.

Independent Contractor (Self-Employed) or Employee?